"1985" - Team Chow Fa Production


Director Kang Vang (Tou and Mai, Fallen City) will be releasing his latest film, "1985". Get ready to be transported back to 1985! 


12722058_10208713095093036_1392530074_nHmong movies being bootlegged all over Asia. Is there a way to prevent it? 

Gang fight at Laib Laus Concert

  laublais2An Ugly All Out Brawl Broke Out During Laib Laus Concert. The fight erupted after some words were exchanged in the audiences. It's still unknown as to who started the fight. Watch the video here.     

David Yang fires back with “Before You Start Dissin”?

davidDavid Yang - Before You Start Dissin read the story HERE

David Yang released "Before You Start Dissin" on his YouTube channel. Was this song directed at Death Family Ink and their beef with DeathRyhme? 

Yengtha Her Happily Greets Fan in Vietnam

Untitled-1Yengtha Her greets a mass audiences of his fans in Fas Loo, Nyab Laj Teb (Vietnam). Her released his latest film, Dab Ntxaug, in 2015 with cast members from Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. 

SHOTS FIRED : Alex Yang blast David Yang and Peter Vue

alexAlex Yang responds to David Yang read the story HERE

Alex Yang called out David Yang and Peter Vue! "Some people are just getting too cocky...when it comes to fame....Peter Vue..use to jump on my crew's dick". 

Actress Ntxhoo Lis in TROUBLE

12507434_138001539912937_5935948341519480495_nActress Ntxhoo Lis's Drug Arrest read the story HERE

Actress Ntxhoo Lis is arrested and charged with drug trafficking in Lampang, Thailand. The Thai authorities identify her as Kewalin Sae Yang from Chiang Rai, Thailand.

SHOTS FIRED: Hmong Rap War Beef Call out DeathRyhme!


Shots was fired by Hmong Rap War Beef (YouTube Channel) claiming that after DeathRhyme left Death Family Ink and signed with Yellow Diamond Record, he stole the song (Tsis Pom Lub Ntuj) and release as his own.