Actor from Thailand (TijLaug Xab's movie) arrested on drug charges. 

Actress Ntxhoo Lis is arrested and charged with drug trafficking in Lampang, Thailand. The Thai authorities identify her as Kewalin Sae Yang from Chiang Rai, Thailand. 


R.B.GRuffless Blood Gang (R.B.G) gang initiation in Minnesota.

Actor from Laos, Tub Yaj, is accused of cheating money from woman(s) by promising them love. 

YouTube sensational singer, Blia Lor, has a new treat for his fans. His latest song “Koj Puas Nyob Zoo” will make you reminisce about the past.


Superstar Manoon "Sabman" Songsawatwong from the Hands Band performance their hit song, Wb Chaw Pw, during Khek Noi Hmong New Year 2015-16 Celebration. Next time, please let the man finish his song before you mugged him for a picture.


Sensational singer from Laos, Lee Kong Xiong performed “More than I can say” for the 2016 New Year.